Your Membership in MPC supports

- Readings and workshops by nationally known poets.

- The MPC Summer Traveling Show where members read
at venues throughout Marin County.

- The quarterly Newsletter featuring interviews,
poetry and calendar of events.

- The Marin Poetry Center Anthology featuring members only.

- The annual High School Poetry Contest open to
all high school students in Marin.

- Open readings/workshop the fourth Thursday of the month.

Membership Types

Regular    $25 per year    (Adults, ages 21 to 65)
    - Summer Traveling Show participation eligible
    - Quarterly newsletter
    - Anthology submission eligible
    - Discounts on all events and workshops

Senior    $20 per year - Same benefits as regular

Student   $10 per year - Same benefits as regular

Patron   $100+ per year - Same benefits as regular,
   plus complimentary copy of up to ten MPC publications
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Membership Type

Donations of any amount are welcome.
With a donation of $30 or more above your dues, you will receive a complimentary copy of the MPC anthology.
All donations are tax-deductible.