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Workshop with Claire Blotter
What do David Sedaris, Anne Lamont and Thich Nhat Hanh have in common? Widely read engaging journals of everyday experiences and reflections. This supportive workshop will read selections from strong published journals, inspiring members to write their own unique stories and perceptions. Participants will strengthen their observant eye and ear by recording sensory details that capture a vibrant moment or a real life unforgettable character. They will explore the intimacy of letter writing and the revelations discovered from dream imagery. Finally, they will strive to write freely in deep authentic voices and to share their strongest edited passages with wider audiences.

When: Two 3 Wk. Sessions- Tues., 6:10- 8pm, Sept. 12-26 & Oct. 3-17
Where: College of Marin, Kentfield Campus, Village Square, Rm. 6
Register: at www.marincommunityed.com or call 415 485-9305.
Poetry Writing Master Class with Tom Centolella
"Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful." - Rita Dove
Poets attempt to say the unsayable—an ambition that should never be "all work, no play." In this lively workshop, a master poet will play Virgil to your Dante, guiding the way to your unique vision and voice. Bring your works-in-progress, or the optional weekly assignment, for encouraging, in-depth feedback. To jumpstart inspiration, each meeting will begin with the discussion of a notable poem, occasionally followed by a fun in-class exercise—all supplemented by examinations into poetic forms (ancient to contemporary), the art of revision, and creative tactics for extracting the hidden gold of your imagination. For all poets, wherever you are on the journey.

For more information visit: Poetry Master Class
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