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Jennifer Gennari
Changing Places

We loaded scavenged boxes first;
odd shapes, wrapping our treasures
in old newspaper, securing with tape—

We sorted our possessions as we began;
Goodwill, trash, storage or destined
for our new, smaller home

It was easier for the girls somehow—
they kept mismatched earrings
and discarded dolls and bears

I boxed up the first marriage,
shed the remnants of the past, 
too-tight pants and youthful dresses

I dithered over serving platters 
parfait glasses rarely used, vases, 
and pictures we no longer hang

On moving day the hired father 
and son hoisted boxes faster 
than we could tape them shut 

The work was shared—unloading
in the heat, hard labor that empowers
youth, my daughters grown strong

Too old to slip and slide on the lawn— 
the mover’s son slips his number
to my eldest, and we move on.