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Marin Poetry Center opposes racism and oppression in all forms. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and with all those speaking and acting in opposition to state-sanctioned violence.

Our Mission is to nurture poetry in the Bay Area. We believe in the power of poetry to bear witness, reach hearts and souls, teach compassion, empathy and justice, and create a common language towards positive social change. We will continue ongoing efforts to diversify our programming, reach out to underrepresented communities for new members and audience, and support local charitable organizations. Additionally, starting now we intend to apply the lens of anti-racism to our internal practices, policies and programming with a goal towards increasing diversity and inclusivity in all areas.

Marin Poetry Center Board of Directors is asking for our members’ participation in our efforts to diversify our organization, our membership and our audience. We welcome ideas you have for how we can make MPC more welcoming and inclusive to a broader range of people, including underrepresented people and people of color.  We are always looking for new board and committee members who are willing to volunteer time skills or funding to strengthen and extend the reach of Marin Poetry Center.   
Your ideas and suggestions can be e-mailed to, or mailed to P.O. Box 9019, San Rafael, CA 94912. Thank you in advance for participating with us on this important issue.  Visit our Community page to learn more about how you can support black-run literary journals and organizations.

Marin Poetry Center hosts regular readings and workshops featuring nationally recognized poets. Annually, we offer our Marin High School Poetry Contest, our esteemed Marin Poetry Center Anthology, and the popular Summer Traveling Show, a roving series that showcases our members’ poetry in fun group readings all summer long.

MPC was founded in 1981 by a dedicated group of Northern California poets as a non-profit organization whose mission is to nurture the enjoyment of poetry and the craft of writing throughout the Bay Area. We are based in Marin County but are expanding throughout the Bay Area.

We welcome new poets, established writers, and anyone interested in the art of poetry from any location. Please refer to our inclusion statement below.

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Marin Poetry Center welcomes poets and lovers of poetry from all backgrounds and values diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. We are committed to being an organization in which every member, regardless of ability, age, class, education, ethnicity, gender identity, geographic location, immigration status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and additional or overlapping identities, feels valued, respected, and included. With the collective and individual talents, skills, and perspectives of members, constituent groups, and partners we strive to foster a culture of belonging, collaborative practice, innovation, and mutual respect as we explore, create, and appreciate poetry together. View membership benefits here.

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