Wisteria from Seed

"Almost no one grows wisteria from seed,"
I told my sons.
"This one has a healthy set of leaves
so it ought to flower
in about ten years."

Iím sixty now.

When I was in school
a botany professor showed our class
a bamboo plant.
"This flowers every forty years," he said.
"I wonít be here to finish the experiments
I might start now.
If any of you are planning graduate studies,
please see me after class.
Iíve got some ideas Iíd like to try."

I never thought myself a man of faith
yet I grow wisteria from seed
while others study bamboo
plant vineyards
grow olives
raise children.

    --from Wisteria from Seed (Kelsay Books, 2015)
-- Jeremy Cantor
The Room

in a tiny hotel
with only one room
and a single bed
that folds up into a chair
a light flickers throughout the night
people go there to forget
to forgive
to disintegrate
to reinvigorate
my story is of a woman
stressed in multiples
and tired from prayer
she unlayers herself for sleep
first the anvil
then the gun
she dreams of stark blues
and ransomed kisses
she awakens in a house
a 1000 miles away
her husband is not her husband
her children are not her children
her life, somebody else's,
she can only smile 
as she awaits a brand new day... 

-- Andy Plumb