Civics 101

Though my promises are fashioned from insubstantial air,
	Vote for me.
Though I donít give a damn, but just profess to care,
	Vote for me.
Though I speak utter nonsense, I do it with a flare.
Though Iím more afraid of truth than a hungry grizzly bear,
And in lieu of facts I give you just a smarmy savoir-faire,
	Vote for me, vote for me, vote for me.

Even if you baffled voters do not have not the faintest clue,
	Vote for me.
Even if my ads would be beneath an intellect of two,
	Vote for me.
Even if my claims could never possibly be true.
Even if you couldnít trust me to direct you to the loo,
And thereís no way of knowing what I actually will do,
	Vote for me, vote for me, vote for me.

Itís a chance to choose your leaders- our countryís cornerstone.
	Vote for me.
Itís a gift our fathers bought for us- paid in blood and bone.
	 Vote for me.
Itís the grandest civic treasure the world has ever known.
It has become a sorry spectacle, but donít just weep and moan.
Weíre better off involved in it than leaving it alone,
	Vote for me, vote for me, vote for me.

-- Bruce Sams

Wet palms 
coax perfumed lather
from their alligatored sides
and I wash my face 
from the bones
of bath bars 
others would discard.

Friends smile.
Grown children assign 
a motive 
to my penchant 
for using things upĖ
the penuries of my youthĖ
but they miss the point.

When life 
has worn me thin 
and brittle as this soap,
may someone 
need me still

I break in the hand 
or dissolve 
in a fragrant act 
of comfort 
or delight.

-- Yvonne Postelle